Falling for the Popular boy (ON HOLD)

Falling for the Popular boy (ON HOLD)

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mynameisjayjay By mynameisjayjay Updated Dec 16, 2015


Meet Sierra Tyree. She is a typical normal plain simple average girl you can find under the category of transparent nerds. 

Meet Theodore Woods. A guy who fears nothing, can be found under the category of bad boys.

What if one day she catches his eye. 
Ever wondered why? Well in this case, Sheila is the last girl on his list who has not fallen for him. 

Oopsie dopsie. Now lets throw in some of the love rivalry, drama, romance, tears to this story. 

Sparks will be ignited like a firework, want to know more? Read on!


HELLO ♡ I am the author of Married to Mr Billionaire and this story is a sequel, the couple's daughter. it will be about her love life. 

I hope you guys will like it ♡ thankyou lovelies :)

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YourHeartisMyVessel YourHeartisMyVessel Nov 14, 2015
you a/n is so damn amazebells. hahahaha!! made my 11:51-am-still-in-bed morning
YourHeartisMyVessel YourHeartisMyVessel Nov 14, 2015
you're richer, aren't you s'posed to have some even more damner car. (damner lol no word like that i know i know) haha for a 14/15 year old I like this chick author
bloodysonofagun bloodysonofagun Jun 23, 2015
I know its only been 4 days and people are dying for you to update, but you know why? This book is effing AMAZING I'm not even exaggerating!
                              BTW UPDATE
cutie1485 cutie1485 Jun 22, 2015
Ur really inspiring and that but plzz keep on writing!! Ur really gud
LynxtheParadox LynxtheParadox Jun 21, 2015
XD Don't worry, it's not a big deal, I've read, well....ya know....can't say it XD
LynxtheParadox LynxtheParadox Jun 21, 2015
You rude little mofo!You're not queen of England -_- And she wouldn't say such an impolite thing