Disgrace [A Harry Potter Fanfiction]

Disgrace [A Harry Potter Fanfiction]

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Sophia By Emmalee_Sky Completed

[Completed] (Fanfiction/Romance)

"You will change history. This is your last chance. If you fail this time, there will be no rise from disgrace."

Attempt after attempt had failed and Draco Malfoy was desperate. His time in this world was quickly coming to an end if he didn't complete his task. It had been months and Albus Dumbledore still lived. He could feel Voldemort's breath on the back of his neck warning him about what would happen if he continued to fail. But it seems the Dark Lord and his faithful servant, Severus Snape, have a new task for Draco. 

A spell sends Draco years into the past where the dead are happily living in bliss and the first war won't occur for years, but he didn't come alone. Another has accidentally come with him. Danger is in store for him and Ginny Weasley now. Follow their adventures as he tries to complete the new task he's been given.

  • disgrace
  • dracomalfoy
  • dream
  • fear
  • forbidden
  • ginnyweasley
  • hate
  • letter
  • lies
  • love
  • marauders
  • nightmare
  • pain
  • past
  • siblings
  • task
  • voldemort
AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Jul 05, 2017
I love when I see a fellow Drinny shipper..... It made me feel I'm not only one.... And hell yessssssss we do exist
SecretAuthor2004 SecretAuthor2004 Apr 07, 2017
Stop following poor Draco......
                              but I'm loving it when you annoy him
WhYsOsSeRiOuS WhYsOsSeRiOuS Jul 13, 2017
Also, it's 'Merlin's beard', 'Merlin's pants' And 'Merlin's left ballsack'.
TheMysticSquirrel TheMysticSquirrel Jan 29, 2016
THE DARK MARK!!!!! GET AWAY GINNY! HES A DEATH EATER!! Oh wait too late.....
Tyra_Kayy Tyra_Kayy Aug 17, 2016
Looking on the marauders map for your chill 
                              Still can't find it
TheShadowWolf1121 TheShadowWolf1121 Jun 09, 2015
for some reason I suddenly feel the urge to ship them? anyone else?