The Ghosts of my Past   [Completed]

The Ghosts of my Past [Completed]

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Suuz By Suuz1988 Completed

Lillith is an outsider, she never was really part of the werewolf pack she was
born into. Even when she is mated to the son of the Beta she rejects him! 
In a big city, far away from her pack she starts a new life, going to college.
Set on starting a dance school someday. When she finds herself pregnant she has
to rethink her plans. But she decides to stay on the same course! With the help
of her best friend Isabell she gets through her pregnancy and while being
pregnant they even make steps toward their own dance school. 
6 weeks after she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Amber, Lillith
goes home for summer. Her parents weren't all that happy with her being a
single mom and have no Idea who the father of Amber is. Only Lillith knows

But going home for summer wasn't the best idea when a Rogue called Damian shows
up. Lillith knows him as they had a thing when she was a few years younger. She
had a thing for the bad boys. And Damian is really, really bad! 
Damian isn't the only problem, because although Lillith never thought she would
see him again, Amber's father is in town too. 

Soon enough Lillith wishes she never came home!


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chector53 chector53 Mar 04, 2016
so she  was a Beta mate left went off to college now back with newborn from another wolf Not her mate.  where is this first story where she rejected mate?
pansyeyes pansyeyes Jul 10, 2016
What whole conception of being a mate is so wrong she doesn't even grief for her mate like any normal wolf does even bitches feel for their mates
roughallover roughallover Feb 15, 2016
Rip my mom almost put me up for adoption because she had me when she was 20 like thank u mother for not.
junafamexx junafamexx Jan 07, 2016
It seems a realy nice story to me i can t wait untill i can read the rest of it
Randomologist Randomologist Jan 04, 2016
So far you have done a good job there are not many grammatical errors which is quite good but I think a quick editing will sort out your punctuation because you have a few mistakes on that but nothing big and I actually really liked the way you started this chapter so good job so far :)
x_bluemoon_x x_bluemoon_x Dec 05, 2015
I love this story so far. Except I'm kinda confused on who Isabel is