❆ Last Kiss (Jelsa) ❆

❆ Last Kiss (Jelsa) ❆

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Jackson Overland Frost a rich guy who owns a company and has a family. He is married to Rapunzel Corona a beautiful and bubbly girl whom he met during his last year in college. They got married right after college and still didn't have a child even after 7 years. One day when Jack went into business trip to Norway which he didn't expected. He met a girl who looks exactly like Elsa. Elsa was his first love and they dated from middle school to their last year in college. He was confused at first when he saw a little version of Elsa carrying a trolley with her while walking around the building. He instantly followed the little girl and it led him to the ghost of his past. That's when he realized that Elsa was the mother. He was sure he felt rather unusual when he saw Elsa again. He felt something that he didn't felt to Rapunzel. True Love. Who would he choose his wife or the girl he had been longingly to be with, his first love? 

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That fact that it almost makes you cry and then laugh out loud when she says throw it at his face
-PrincessSleepyHead- -PrincessSleepyHead- Mar 08, 2016
Meh, I wouldn't even throw that necklace to him. Because that guy wouldn't worth it. I mean, throwing things are hard, man. It's hard.
i actually know how Elsa feels on this one.. i also feel tired of loving again. :/ 
                              awww elsa.. //pat pat//
2KawaiiLevi 2KawaiiLevi May 19, 2016
Omfg i remember reading this so long back xD It's still great as ever
                              let it go.. let it go.. can't hold it back anymore..
AbuTheOncer AbuTheOncer Oct 12, 2016
"You told me ya loved me-then why did you go?" 
                              -Taylor Swift