Lucy's Revenge and Her Harem

Lucy's Revenge and Her Harem

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Cliffhanger_Gurl8 By Emo_Gurl8 Updated Dec 18, 2016

Natsu turned evil and is abusing Lucy, Lucy goes on a mission with Gray and will they develop feelings for each other? While on the mission they met Sting and Rogue, Lucy hugged them and Gray was jealous, Is this a love triangle? And when they were training, Zeref comes out of nowhere! He blushes everytime when Lucy touches him! Why did Natsu turned evil? Does he still have feelings for Lucy?! How many boys will even fall inlove with Lucy??

Plot twist: Lucy doesn't know that they have been inlove with her cause she's dense when it comes to love!! Muahahahaha!!

Find out more in the story!
I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does!

BTW, I don't even know if this is a revenge anymore, its more like a harem. Also slow updates cause of laziness and internet problems. 

Update: (April 17,2015) I don't know if the story will make it to the part where Lucy met Sting, Rogue and Zeref, cause if you read the latest update (Discontinue Lucy's Revenge and Her Harem?) then you'll know the reason.

Kami-Kani Kami-Kani May 01, 2016
I, Queen Kani of Crabs, shall name thus dot...
                              Cancer: Long live Queen Kani, ebi!!!!!!
abigalelilly1210 abigalelilly1210 Mar 09, 2016
I NAME THIS DOT NAGOYA!! I don't know I just like the name...
Xxraishes_sehsiarxX Xxraishes_sehsiarxX May 15, 2016
So what does the CLIFF
                               HANGER look ?
                                     /   |
                                     /    \
                                   /        \
                                 /            \
Kawaii__Anime Kawaii__Anime May 28, 2016
Why do authors always do this, I mean, I every fan fic it's obviously zeref.. I've read tooooo many Lucy fan fics.
Lucytail100 Lucytail100 Nov 09, 2015
happy birthday lu-chan!!! i bvet natsu has a suprise for you so get ur underwear ready just kidding