Stolen Hearts ||Editing|| {Eren X Reader}

Stolen Hearts ||Editing|| {Eren X Reader}

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It was your first day at high school. With your best friends Sasha and Krista you were talking about your new class, hoping there would be some cute boys in it

But one of the boys out your class sends you everyday a cute quote? What would your friends think, and how are you going to find out who it is?

But there is more coming. The world is driven into madness for an unknown reason. Would you be able to find out what this reason is?

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anotherriverdalefan anotherriverdalefan Oct 26, 2017
I ship her with Ymir. But u can’t always get what u want🙂
StingEucliffeLover StingEucliffeLover Jun 02, 2017
And then we fall and die because we can't swim
                              THE END!
StingEucliffeLover StingEucliffeLover Jun 02, 2017
                              *Completely forgets that this is an Eren x reader*
StingEucliffeLover StingEucliffeLover Jun 02, 2017
Because we're hungry.
                              Eat some snickers. You're not yourself when you're hungry
satans_emo_polarbear satans_emo_polarbear Jul 25, 2017
Yay!  my three main ships are eremin armin x krista and me x everyone!
                              My friend who's a ereri shipper stopped talking to me for a week because I told her I ship eremin!
GamerGirlWP GamerGirlWP Jun 27, 2017
...I never admit my crushes to my friends like a give away,I take a very very long time XP