Love and Hate(a poem)

Love and Hate(a poem)

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xiaomage94 By xiaomage94 Updated Jun 21, 2010

Love and Hate

To Love,

it's a sorrow journey,

a journey that brings you tears,

 is the anguish of grief.

Will you remember me?

I called upon the spirit of you.

Answered by a ruthless shadow, 

and the cold, lifeless arms of yours.

To be loved,

it's an ecstatic journey,

a journey to eternal love and happiness,

Is the blessing by the god and the people.

I will remember you,

the days that we shared together,

will always be kept in my heart, my soul,

till the day I depart.

To hate,

is the opposite of love.

A journey that brings suffering,

a journey that makes you berserk.

To be hated,

is a good omen.

Another journey of love,

to remember you for eternity.

this is my first poem...i dont know if its a poem or not...i just crap out.:D

pls comment.I need comments.Its important !