My Sexy Protector [New Version!]

My Sexy Protector [New Version!]

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EJ_ThatsMe By EJ_ThatsMe Updated Jul 03

Tiffany Veyne is an ordinary girl (well she thinks she is). Good grades, she doesn't like school that much, but there is something she does not know and is yet to find out. 

There is a new hot guy in her school, Kyle Conaway. His sexy body attracts all the girls and he turns out to be in her creative writing class. He loves to annoy the hell out of her by being a jerk. But he is also there to protect Tiffany.

But there is one important thing that Tiffany doesn't know about him. So what happens when she finds out, along with the most important secret he holds about her?

Well you have to read to find out.

[WARNING!!!! Contains Swearing!!!]

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Fück the chocolate bar, I'd eat that myself. The sister can get it herself 😂😂😂
RebekkahWhite RebekkahWhite Jan 20, 2015
there is writing is so different to the old versipn.... I love your writing style now keep up the good work