The 14th Noah (D Gray Man Fanfiction Continuation) Wattys2016

The 14th Noah (D Gray Man Fanfiction Continuation) Wattys2016

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Since its been years that Hoshino-sensei had a hiatus in this amazing anime and manga, I'd want to continue her work while waiting to get her baby back on going. I'll continue where she stopped. In the chapter 218. Remember, this is still Hoshino's story and I'm merely creating a story that I'd imagined what would happen to Allen, the Order, Noah, Mana, Nea and the Earl.

Nea Walker, the fourteenth had just appeared in front of the Earl and the 14th's memory had already been awakened, what would happen to Allen Walker? What did really happen thirty-five years ago?


For me, in all anime characters that I fell in-love with, I witnessed how sad D Gray Man is but even though the story is depressing, it still gives one person hope. 

Especially the words, "Walk Forward." This will be my foundation for this fan fiction.

Hope I can give a good continuation of it and I do wish, while I'm writing this, the hiatus will end. Pray with me.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

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aquavenn aquavenn Nov 07, 2015
This will be interesting to see how this developes differently than the manga.
aquavenn aquavenn Nov 04, 2015
Inside Allen's head, previously/a short while before johnny left:
aquavenn aquavenn Nov 04, 2015
Conflicted, but siding with logic the ex scientist ran off in the general direction they had come from, trying desperately to find Kanda. He needed someone whom could deal with noah or akuma.
aquavenn aquavenn Nov 04, 2015
Does johnny see Allen's soul? Like how krory and lavi saw eliades? Or can he see it in allens eye?
@akachan-neko-chan Well, I don't actually know if you're really the one who commented in this story once that I deleted but this story isn't mine. I can edit it if you want but there are explanations in the next chapters.
AysaWolf AysaWolf Apr 20, 2015
It would be awesome if the next chapter was really like that