I Have... A Heart? (Japan x Reader)

I Have... A Heart? (Japan x Reader)

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딸기 우유 (서울 나비) By WinterHoneybee Updated Jun 16, 2016

        Yao paced back and forth, excited and anxious and worried about his new project. Would it even work? For all he knew, everything was out of the years, beyond reason. Why had he even decided to do this project? 

        Because he had to. He wanted to save the filthy, polluted world. And he would do so with...

        Yao looked down at his creation, who was resting peacefully with his eyes closed, and hands rested on his stomach. He had black hair, with bangs that nearly reached his eyes, and he was naked. But that would soon change.

        "Model K-479! Activate!" Yao called out, as the pod's window opening slid away, and the robot opened his eyes, revealing a dark brown almost black. But at the same time unmistakably brown. The bottom of his eyes were a golden caramel colour, and sparkled in the light. 

        The Robot sat up. Yao looked at it, his eyes wide, as he threw off his goggles, letting his pony tail loose, and stared at him in shock. He really did it! Yao wal...

The_Mouse_Potato The_Mouse_Potato Oct 05, 2016
I'm only one chapter in and I already know this book will just as awesome as Prussia.
AgA_tHoKaKo_LoGiCaL AgA_tHoKaKo_LoGiCaL May 09, 2016
I am officially in love with this book and I just started it.
ThatLazyLoner ThatLazyLoner Oct 13, 2016
I already know what Ni hao means :3 cause I've watched Ni hao Kai land xD
Ethereal_Priestess Ethereal_Priestess Apr 09, 2016
Hetalia_Tarlac Hetalia_Tarlac Oct 30, 2015
:) I speak chinese cuz I learned it... And you said XIE XIE!!! My gawd!!! I love hetalia
WillowOfTheStars WillowOfTheStars Jan 29, 2015
Honhonhon, aruuuu-
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