Reading requests

Reading requests

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PrincessSadiya By PrincessSadiya Updated Jun 19, 2010

If you want me to read you story, post it here.

I promise to respond to every request and give my honest opinion.



icytundra icytundra Feb 04, 2016
Title: Black Vein
                              Author: icytundra21
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Summary: It's about a boy who was cursed at the age of six, causing the government to take advantage of his curse.
                              Status: 17 chapters- ongoing
othaur othaur Jul 10, 2016
Title: Dearest Olivia 
                              Author: -technicalities-
                              Genre: Short Story
                              Summary: A collection of letters from a boy to his crush
Angelic_Llewelyn Angelic_Llewelyn Mar 19, 2016
Title: Feathers From A Lost Kingdom 
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Status: Ongoing
                              About a young teenage girl torn between two worlds. She is fated for destruction and enemies are lurking everywhere.
know1noes know1noes Feb 07, 2016
Mind reading both my books? They're called Her Only Hope and Untamed Love
NickfEast NickfEast Dec 21, 2016
Hi, if you'd like have a look at my story.
                              Title: The Last Philosopher
                              Genre: Fantasy/Attempted Comedy
                              Also, thanks :)
Title: The Forsaken Know my Name
                              Genre: werewolf 
                              Author: TONYANN 
                              Status: ongoing
                              Chapters: 4 so far (I update once or twice a week)