Differences |August Alsina Love Story|

Differences |August Alsina Love Story|

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Truepac_shakur By Truepac_shakur Updated Mar 15, 2016

Taraji Lee is 17 years old. She is a very smart cookie and to her twin sister and mom, she has always been miss goody goody. 

               Yes, twin Naomi Lee. They are identical on the outside but have two totally different personalities. 

              Problem is, Taraji was sent away to live with her grandmother in Mississippi at a young age and now she is moving back in with her mom since her grandmother's passing. 

             See, Taraji's mom was that, "I can't raise two damn kids!" Type of mom so Taraji was the one that was sent off to live with their grandmother. 

            Two twin sisters raised by two different people with different morals. 

            What happens when Taraji comes back home? Her mom and sister both hate her. In the end, will Taraji be the one to prosper, being loved by 'HIM' <<<<

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