babygirl || jerome valeska || #Wattys2016

babygirl || jerome valeska || #Wattys2016

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smut queen By psycho_cigarettes Completed

"don't be scared babygirl, we're only having a little fun."

a story in which a crazed psychopath murderer falls in love with a confused lonely girl

a jerome valeska and melanie martinez fanfic

w a r n i n g - this story is 96% smut and 4% violence

- - Sep 19
Iv read this story once already. I love it so much im reading it again.❤
I know how that feels because that's me as fück with my crush
Oh my god that right there is so something Jerome would say😂
kencbi kencbi Oct 12
give me love was playing and that just made it 100% more intense
sadmgc sadmgc Aug 23
I watch Gotham but I'm only on like the seventh episode and I saw it had the joker and now I'm freaking the fuuck out like is he actually like this? I'm so excited
Is anybody else scared to have sex because of body insecurities. Like, I want to have sex one day with the person I marry but I'm so scared that my future husband won't like my body or find my body appealing. I feel like I'm the only one who feels this way..