babygirl || jerome valeska ||

babygirl || jerome valeska ||

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✧° smut queen °✧ By psycho_cigarettes Completed

"don't be scared babygirl, we're only having a little fun."

a story in which a crazed psychopath murderer falls in love with a confused lonely girl

a jerome valeska and melanie martinez fanfic

w a r n i n g - this story is 96% smut and 4% violence

*starts fan girling*
                              OMG OMG OMG OMG HEEEE WWWWIIINNNKKKEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!
mswarfore mswarfore Jul 18
I love how everyone goes like dead silent and there's barely any comments when stuff like this happen
May god forgive me for reading this because I'm enjoying it 😂
I stood on the horses back on the carousel once and I had the workers try pull me down but I tried to jump away and broken the horse 😂 I made a runner and got outta there never went to that fair ground again 😂
Hay who wants to look like a stick when you can have curves to die for
Me: meggy weggy if you don't leave Jerome alone I'll kill you!