Society Killed The Teenager

Society Killed The Teenager

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Maria Alarcon By Mariaalarcon12 Updated Sep 30

"I've always had this feeling that I wouldn't live to see past 30. Life has always been hard for me and I know that one day, it'll kill me." 

I put down my pen and slash my wrists, painting the paper a beautiful red. 

I look at the note and tuck it in a book for safe keeping. 

I look down at my thighs and see the words "die" and "you won't be missed" etched in to my skin, glowing in the lamp light. 

I reach for the Advil on my desktop and open the bottle, throwing my head back and gulping down as many as my throat would allow. 

I sigh and stumble to my bed, a wicked smile on my face and an excited feeling in my stomach.

Awaiting death makes me feel alive.

I started when i was 5..... but then i got into trouble, that didnt stop me.... now... thats what i do because my moms gone.... she used to smoke... and plus... it makes me feel better
What the hell is wrong with Star ?!? She's the apparent reason for this girl hating herself
kmar59 kmar59 Aug 08
Ain't gonna lie I took my first hit off of a cigarette when I was 10 sooo
I'm going to be that 14 year old 
                              I just now it 
                              And I'm disappointed
Same.. 😂 when im high and someone makes a stupid joke and its not funny... i jusy laugh so hard 😂😂😂  LOL
samandakay samandakay May 17
The person that wrote this book did this happened to you are someone you knew or still know