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A penny for my thoughts (Gumlee AU)

A penny for my thoughts (Gumlee AU)

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CrowWontGo By CrowWontGo Updated Jul 30, 2016

Marshall Lee has everything. He's got friends, parents and more girls dreaming of him than he can count. Gumball has nothing. Nothing except loneliness and bitter world hatred, that has gathered throughout the years of being mistreated and misunderstood. When he is again moved to a new school, he meets Marshall. That snotty, spoiled brat, who thinks the world is supposed to bow to his feet. When the two worlds collide, things will break, shatter and maybe heal again.

(PS: the story starts off pretty bad, I had no idea where I was going back then, around chapter 10 or so I'm soberig up)

what is this?! i came fore gumlee but got something better. LOL New title: Gumbutt on crack!
Eishui Eishui Apr 30
I don't think I could survive being a boy. I mean- IT WOULD LOOK LIKE I HAVE A PHONE IN MY PANTS EVERYTIME I GO TO THE KITCHEN AND PLAY WITH MY DOGS. It does beat having to bleed from your vital regions every month tho. It feels like your being stabbed every time you breathe
Meme_Lordz Meme_Lordz May 14
Yeah, "fun" stuff, yeah I just walk in a room and laugh as a I'm sacrificing people to Satan, I'm literally crying from laughter 😂
Me me me me i drew a creepy picture and my art teacher asked if i had something in meh mind! XD
eriizen eriizen Feb 19
all of the dialogue in this story is gonna be written on my wall
eriizen eriizen Feb 19
Womanizer just started playing. *whispers* the gays are taking over my life *throws glitter*