In love with you ( Jacksepticeye x Reader )

In love with you ( Jacksepticeye x Reader )

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Chapter 1. Meet up.

I was packing my stuff up because my mom and i got in to a fight, she threw me out after that. I walked out of my room and ran to the door, i saw my mom crying but i didn't care. She was my step mom and cared about the money more than me. Anyways i was homeless, collage was over and i didn't have any friend's to stay with so i had to sleep in the park. One rainy day i was taking a nap under a tree when a guy came up to me and asked if i was homeless. I nod, not saying anything. He sits next to me. We make eye contact. His eyes were so beautiful.

- Hi I'm Sean.

- [Y/N] I say quietly.

- Can i take you to a drink?

He asks me and i nod, i gave him a little simile. We got to a near by bar and set down. 

- So why are you homeless?

- I got kicked out of home.

- Oh.

We talked about life and he told me he was a famous YouTuber. 

I haven't seen Youtube for a while i think to my self. 

The barman walked up to us and told us to get out because the bar was closing. W...

Alexisstar123 Alexisstar123 4 days ago
nu author chan , your gonna make me fangirl scream. im in school
Ummm... I'm not trying to be rude but... Its bartender, not barman...
But doesn't jack not like saying that he's a "famous "youtuber..?
Bcuz step-bitch got jelly of my hawtness and she wishes she had these legs LOK AT DEEZ LAYGS!!!
I bought all the amazing book is not on fire books that's why
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