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Deli 🤤 By YesItsDeli Updated Jul 24, 2016

106 Tattoos
106 Tattoos is the number of tattoos that I have plastered all over my body.And every single one tells a story, from the good ones to the bad they are on my body. On my arms, legs, back, stomach, chest, feet, fingers, even my face and neck I am not ashamed to show them either because they are a part of me and I would never hide a part of me.
Melani James was happy.
Happy for everything.
Happy to prove most of her professors wrong.
Happy to prove that even though she is a single mother that she graduated college with a bachelor's in nursing.
Happy to prove that every victim isn't just another sob story just waiting to happen.
Happy to prove that even though she is alone she can do for herself.
And happy to prove that even though her body is a canvas of ink she didn't let anybody categorize her as something she wasn't.
But that happiness wasn't going to last very long. Just two months into her nursing job at Nolan Memorial Hospital (Made up name). She was fired due to discrimination.
Not because of her skin color, but because of the color on her skin. She thought that it would be like a normal day but when she gets put on the wrong shift with the wrong patient everything goes downhill from there. In a span of two hours she loses a job. Just over the fact that one snotty person decides to read a book by the cover. Not wanting to pick up her one year old daughter up from daycare until it was time to get her she stops by a cafe to think things over.
And that's when she met him. Her night and shining armor Julian Knight a lawyer that was in the right place at the right time. While spilling her guts out to him he noticed that there was something very wrong with her story. Deciding to help her and her daughter out he takes her as a new case, not knowing what he was getting himself into. Love, Victory, Happiness, and Tattoos. 

This book will hold explicit content so before you add to your LIB follow me or you wont get to read all the chapters

bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jun 27, 2016
See this is dedication. This is what everyone should do even if you're rich
Ahhnajoliecopley Ahhnajoliecopley Oct 28, 2016
Bi÷-;...her actions of supposedly not caring too much for her tats can be an excuse for rascim...not all the time
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jun 27, 2016
You go girl! I already love this book. It looks well-written and has a great character
Ahhnajoliecopley Ahhnajoliecopley Oct 28, 2016
its hard to keep quiet when offended...dealin.with the public takes tough skin
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jun 27, 2016
@lovely_demise my thoughts. You'd think they cured it by then. Must be a mutation
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Jun 27, 2016
Ignore and keep being polite. Kill the bîtch with kindness.