The Royal Prisoner (Re-Writing)

The Royal Prisoner (Re-Writing)

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XxbabycakezxX By XColtonHaynesisbaeX Updated Apr 14, 2017

I am updating this story and fixing the mistakes I have made.
Since I started writing this book when I was 13, I would really like to change some of the chapters so some chapters could be completely erased and something new may be there or I may just add some things to make it better.

All chapters have now been taken off but will be back on again shortly once I have updated them.

Thank you everyone, please comment and vote! 

He came back for me.

The only thing is, I didn't know.

My life was completely normal, I was happy, I had friends, a proud family and a loving boyfriend but that all changed when he came along.

I lied.

Could you tell?

No ones life is like that. If they tell you it is, then you my friend, have been lied too.

My life is nothing like that, my life is a complete mess.

My mother is a raging alcoholic and my father, well, I don't know what my father does because I hardly see him.

My old boyfriend to put it harshly, is dead.

Along with my brother.

My recent boyfriend is loving but his love is just not for me, it's for one of my 'best friends.'

But I didn't lie about one bit, my life did completely change when he came into it.

He was familiar to me, as if I had known him my whole life.

But that can't be true.

He wasn't like anyone else I had ever met, he was heartless, a warrior, a killer.

And he was sent to kill me.

We all know vampires don't exist, well that's what I believed until he showed up.

You may hate me after this story because to be honest, I hate myself.

I was naive and stupid, believing everything he told me.

I messed up when I decided to trust him, even after all the horrible things he did.

I messed up when I fell in love with him.


I fell for the killer that was sent to kill me.

But just because I mentioned the word 'love' doesn't mean this is a love story.

I said I fell in love with him but that doesn't mean my love was returned.

Like I said, he was sent to kill me and that's just what he did.

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