My Bully's My Mate?!

My Bully's My Mate?!

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Cassie Stone is not a normal werewolf. She gets bullied at home and school. She lives in the pack house as their slave. When she turns 16 she finds her mate.

Scott Toms is the Alpha and 16 years old. He bullies Cassie since he can remember he doesn't know why he bullies her. 

When they find out there mates does Cassie or Scott accept one another?

Warning: Sexual content

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UnpredictableMargret UnpredictableMargret May 31, 2017
That's the name some of my friends call me "Cassie" because my middle name is Casandra
purple2023 purple2023 Aug 22, 2017
"i want a sweet mate who will love me and care for me " 2 seconds later "i just want to die life's to hard "
Cassie Stone.... hmmm did anyone else think of the librarians #jassandra
Jessica-D-Mateos Jessica-D-Mateos Mar 09, 2017
So much excitement so fast then boom 'I just want to give up on my life'. Let me take a breath real fast...
nerdsarebae16 nerdsarebae16 Jul 20, 2016
Welp, this is one of the girls that will probably beg her mate to take her back if he rejects her....😐😐
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon May 09, 2016
I feel like everybody wants that but then again even The Beast had a dark side