Countdown to You (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

Countdown to You (Gale) {Fairy Tail AU}

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Hey Fairies!! Guess what?!?! That's right! :D Another collab with the incredible @BambooGreen! (We just can't stop with these collabs! ;P)  This time, I'll be writing the odd-numbered chapters, and Bamboo will be writing the even-numbered ones!

I really think you are going to love this one! It's going to be really fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it! 


"Excuse me, miss, I'd like to check out these books please," I grinned, placing my books on the counter in front of my best friend.

"Gajeel, you aren't supposed to bug me at work," she scolded, though I could tell she was fighting a smile.

"I'm not," I said, "I came to check out some books."

She raised an eyebrow at me before sighing. "Why do you even want books on the countdown clocks anyways?"

I shrugged, trying to sound bored as I replied. "Just doing some research for a class."

"So, how many days left on yours?" She asked, quietly, as she took my student ID and scanned the books for me.

"Hard to tell...

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IShipIt571 IShipIt571 Nov 08
You guys have to stop being so secretive! Levy being as smart as you are, you should've seen his timer at zero and since yours is at zero too, you two are soulmates. SO JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY!!!!!
So, she hasn't looked him in the eyes? Ever? That's rude, Levy
Sapphire_Blue_07 Sapphire_Blue_07 Sep 28, 2016
This reminds me of the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake, I love that movie.
_Sky132 _Sky132 Jan 18
I'm only on the first chapter, and I already want to punch them. How about you two just admit your count down is over, realize you're soulmates, and kiss already! Other than that, great story😇
yoongibab yoongibab Apr 26, 2016
Everyone in the comment section about the damn fact that they're each other's soulmate
                              The frustration is real
HaileyOssias HaileyOssias Apr 08, 2016
Levy you are so dumb! Just tell him yours ran out and he will tell you his ran out! BOOM match made!