i was raped by my older brother  ON HOLD!!

i was raped by my older brother ON HOLD!!

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hello my name is jennifer and i am a happy girl well was that lives in new jersey and i have a mom who works arond the world so i dont see her much but talk to all the  time on the phone and on skype with her and my dad works with my mom so its the same with him and i am twelve but dont worry i dont stay home alone i have mark my older brother hes seventeen almost eighteen but not quite its sad we dont get along though if we would have maybe none of this would have happend he used to be nice and we got along but then he changed and got new friends that happened after my parents got there job so they dont know now mark drinks alot dont ask me were he gets the drinks because i dont know...my brother wont ever be the same hes messed up he is permantly damaged something happend he doesnt want to change even if he could though my brother has a discusting mind because of his change he raped me heres the story were my brother ruined me.

mom?i said through the phone. hi i said. hi sweetheart ...

My brother raped and abused me when I was 5. It stopped last week. Im 14
4michayla 4michayla Dec 25, 2016
My brother raped me to I was six and he was 10 he still dose it to dis day and I haven't told anyone because I'm scared he will hurt me
sugakookiss sugakookiss Jan 09
Why the name mark. I'm thinking of a Kpop artist and I love him
UnspeakableLies UnspeakableLies Jul 02, 2016
When they talk you have to put " So we don't mistake it for a sentence.
k361036 k361036 Apr 24, 2016
Blufordr56 I get you that happened to because of my dad I feel how it hurts the same you feel.
1 horrible grammar 
                              2 many mistakes 
                              3 you have to show where dialogue is happening 
                              I swear this is wrong a 1st grader