The Bad Boy's play thing

The Bad Boy's play thing

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Annoyed Bitsh By Bearparadise410 Updated Jul 30

Emmy is starting college with her best friend Kacie and Jessi. When she gets there shes surprised by her roomate Jaxi and her roomate's friends Jackson,Ashton and Alec. Here's a little preview of part of one of my chapters.

When we get to Livingston university, it looks like one of the those colleges in a movie. Like the ones that are so old looking on the outside but on the inside it's so modern you feel super rich.

"Emmy are you going to get out of the car and get your shit" Kacie said snapping in my face with the door open.

"Yeah and quit cussing it's not lady like Kace." I say as I get out of the car. She scoffs and Jess giggles as they pick up their bags and starts to walk to front office. Leaving me alone to get my things out the trunk. I bend over to get them because my bags mysteriously were pushed to the back.

"Damn." I heard a deep but not too deep voice come behind me. I quickly move up to get out of the car but hit my head instead. I heard three different chuckles as I groan and one hand on my head and one hand grabbing my bags out the car and set them on the concrete before I turn around.

"And you guys are...?" I snobbly say to three guys chuckling still.

"I'm Alec this is Ashton and Jackson." He said pointing to the guy to his right then his left with his thumb.

"I'd say pleasure to meet you but my friends are waiting.bye" I called over my shoulder carrying my bags away.

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Bearparadise410 Bearparadise410 Apr 03, 2015
@bubbleflower01 you were the first one to notice that I was seeing if anyone would tell me
TigerTigress TigerTigress Feb 02, 2015
She never said sex or drugs ;) nah if she said that her mom would probably chain her to the bed and do an exorcism like penny in hairspray