Devil's Son, Sexual Attraction (Rae sremmurd)

Devil's Son, Sexual Attraction (Rae sremmurd)

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My name is Autumn, you know like fall? I have never been an follower nor have I ever made a deal, for I never met the Devil until now. Best believe when I did, there was another Devil that came with him, and yes it took me for granted. He tossed me around, threatened me, showed no emotion, But in his eyes I could see lust. Lust for my touch and his dying thrust. One minute we argue while the next were clawing like two cats, If the devil find out he might have a fit; I can't help that he is so damage, but the devil will try to keep the damage. He is my drug and I'm his, without my touch I know he will kill for it.


Look into his eye's and you will see,

That he is the devils child and have no wings.

He was born to be angry with the world and deceitful to many,

He was born to spit upon people and show no pity. 

They say when you see the devils son, he is as handsome as they get . . 

But don't be dumb he'll steal your heart quick.

If to be love is something you crave and want,

Then crossing his path is nothing you should try to adjust.

He crave nothing but lust, respect, to incapacitate, or to demand .  . .

All because his father's wishes and commands.

Whose the Devil to tell his son that he can't love or care for anyone,

he is the man that hold the power - to demand his son another haunting hour.

Look into his eye's and you will see,

The Devil's son cries, and what he have seen.

He craves sex and many more things,

but look back into his eye's and you would see, every bad dream and grieve he once seen.

Don't hesitate to turn away,

When you see the Devil's son come your way.

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imademynamelonglol imademynamelonglol Jun 19, 2016
Me AF 'It's best that you keep quiet' My teachers always told me that I was smart for doing that.😂😂
Sapphire-Blue Sapphire-Blue Nov 06, 2015
**Khalif Brown is swae lees real name (Dw its his name in the book)
                              Why did you have to use my bae as the devils son :'( :'( :'( :'(
eomma_kaylaxx eomma_kaylaxx Dec 22, 2014
I love this just finish reading and watching the trailer. Incredible! keep it up
ayyg0ldi ayyg0ldi Dec 21, 2014
So she had sex with the devil... Umm ok... I wonder how their baby is gonna look if she's been doing that
ayyg0ldi ayyg0ldi Dec 21, 2014
Tbh you are a great author and this is the best Rae Sremmurd story I've read EVER I've been searching for a good one but I think I already found it :)
ayyg0ldi ayyg0ldi Dec 21, 2014
I like how it's very descriptive, gives me a great visual :)