Converting for You (A Muslim Love Story)

Converting for You (A Muslim Love Story)

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Muslimah By Sora_Aqilla Updated Jun 20

This is the story of two completely different people.

Ainul, a girl who is a very soleh, pious and shy Muslim, who is very dedicated towards her religion. She moves to a new school, which was her worst nightmare ever!! Why? Because its co-ed. Could she survive a whole day without freaking out??? 

Edward, a boy who is a very jumpy, confident and quite annoying, I must say. He has been to the school, ever since he started yr 7. One day his class had a new student, who looked very different to everyone else. What is she wearing? Where did her hair go? Who could that be???
Would his curiosity take over his old life and turn new and fresh...?
Or will Ainul be the one to change...

Please do not plagiarize, for surely you do know that you do not want to receive a sin. 

Jazakallah and thank you for those who have done the right thing and may God bless you in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen ya rabbal alameen

xHinda xHinda Jul 09
Wtf how are they disgusting because they looked you in the eye😂
Maria66777 Maria66777 Jun 28
Are you Pakistani? I am a Pakistani, and literally ask everyone who has a Muslim story if they are Pakistani.
Sephora9731 Sephora9731 Jul 11
I like it but some of the words I don't know how to pronounce...
xHinda xHinda Jul 09
Bruh it's not haram I've gone to a mixed school all my life you're going to see the opposite gender regardless anyways is it haram to go to a shopping mall because there are males there? No it's not