Hanagakure || Naruto

Hanagakure || Naruto

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2nd Book: Hanagakure: Revenge

After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke and his team returned to Konoha. His teammate Karin,amazed by all the hotties in the village,she wanted them all.

But. Something seems to stop her. Why? Because of four girls. She decided to pass rumours around and humiliate them.

Finally,the girls couldn't take it anymore. The girls planned to leave,but they love the village dearly until one day.. They are defected from the village because of the ridiculous rumours.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. I only own the plot and some unfamiliar stuff.

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I hate people who only have one part in a story so get more parts
I'm assuming that you editing took more time than estimated? Just wondering I can't wait to read this book😊
starga_ZERO_4009 starga_ZERO_4009 Dec 16, 2016
So you're the awesome author i've also come to idolize??!!
                              gee, your stories are so good!!!
Jennie-Chan Jennie-Chan Dec 02, 2016
Wait where the first book also I can't wait for this to start up again!!
Do you know when this story will be back u...I'm really excited to read it
LawlietArel LawlietArel Dec 03, 2016
Author- you're stories are really good! Keep the good work 😊! Hope you make other stories!