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Soul x reader

Soul x reader

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Knight Of Heart By __Ayaka_ Completed

Today was like any other day. You woke up and got ready to start your weekend.

"(Y/N) we need to talk to you," your mom called. 
You headed down stairs and saw both your parents with serious expressions on their faces. 
"Ummm... What's up," you said.
 "Well (Y/N) we decided to enroll you to another school this year," your mom said. 
Your eyes opened wide and you knew this conversation wasn't going to end well. 
" but mom! That means I'm gonna leave all my friends and-" your dad cut you off. 
"(Y/N) I know this will be hard but remember your cousin, Maka," your dad said.
Your expression changed into sadness. You hadn't seen your cousin in years after your fight on leaving to live with her. 
"Hey (Y/N)! What if you come live with me and go to my school!" Maka said.
"But Maka.... I've never liked to leave home." You said.
"Don't worry I'll promise to take good care of you." Maka replied.
"Maybe not right now Maka. After all I'm still not in control of my powers." You replied....

If that would have happened to me I would have said would you like me to help you control your powers and not be mean and crap
PanicAtThe21Crybabys PanicAtThe21Crybabys May 12, 2016
I bet ya both Maka and I will like Soul (well by what she acts like, she definitely likes him) and than we will be cousin-enemies
Oh, cool... He's not a pervert and he's actually serious... *whispers* Maka, run while you still can...
Lonewolfgirl482 Lonewolfgirl482 Jun 07, 2016
Chicken and Mac and cheese with nachos and goldfish*snack* then some random candy all with Dr. Pepper
AshleyJenkins351 AshleyJenkins351 Aug 29, 2016
I feel like me and maka will be rivals....welp she's gonna lose! XD
I_Am_Soul_Evans I_Am_Soul_Evans Mar 11, 2016
Ok not criticizing the book but u said a town called  death "city" it isn't a town lol