The Scar On My Back

The Scar On My Back

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Mia West was a Wolf Gladiator.
She was stolen and used for cruel fighting to the death.   The way to lose is to be killed.   After three years, if you make it that long, you are set free.    It's her only hope.
Alpha Max.   The Alpha of the West Wood Pack.   He hasn't found his mate but he is determined to find her.    When he finally finds her he's surprised and happy.   But when he does will she accept him?
 However, both Isabelle and Mia have bigger problems.    Chainers are after them and their owner wants them back.

**just Note that I wrote this a couple years ago when I was just starting to write, so prepare yourself for awful grammar and descriptions**


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WreKer20 WreKer20 May 19, 2017
But you're a scumbag. You came to watch gladiator fights for fun. Without people like you she wouldn't be in there. I hope she breaks your spine too.
WreKer20 WreKer20 May 19, 2017
So wait, he's okay with this?
                              What a scumbag.
                              She's supposed to fall for somebody who got a kick out of these fights? Essentially, he's part of the reason she's here.
gllittergeek gllittergeek May 20, 2017
Glad I could make him hate-able, I hope his character development works, I tried to make him forgivable, you'll have to tell me what you think by the end😊
Raaguineapig Raaguineapig Mar 25, 2017
I can imagine a butterfly with its fists up: " FIGHT ME M8!" XD
knanas knanas Jan 25, 2017
It's gonna suck if the 2 rookies have to fight each other.🐺😕