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Not A Princess | CryaoticxReader

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Cryaotic x reader
This will follow the game NOT the show. 


You have lived a normal life until that unfaithful day. While you were playing your favorite game you get sucked in. 

When you wake up you weren't in your room. Then you realized that...

You were stuck in the game, 
The Walking Dead.

Not the biggest fan of jeans but as long as you don't put me in a dress, the I'll be fine and you'll be alive.
Hii i just wanted to say i love your qriting style and i think you'd love this cry x reader I found called Ditto by @RunOnGasoline. :D
Lilaik_13 Lilaik_13 Jul 17, 2015
I also like your fill words for cuss words. I can see me saying " oh poppy rainbows." You've done good.
SkyLord_101 SkyLord_101 Feb 12, 2015
meh I like what choose for me to wear.
                              I don't like wearing skirts and dresses but I love jeans or shorts and hoodies