Not A Princess | Cryaotic x Reader

Not A Princess | Cryaotic x Reader

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Cryaotic x reader
This will follow the game NOT the show. 


You have lived a normal life until that unfaithful day. While you were playing your favorite game you get sucked in. 

When you wake up you weren't in your room. Then you realized that...

You were stuck in the game, 
The Walking Dead.

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toasterdick toasterdick Jul 30
Still can't get over the fact that y'all wear shoes in the house
mimiskuu mimiskuu Aug 22
lol u should had wore me a princess dress su i can beh febelez
I literally wear anything; my mom had to stop me from wearing a neon orange sports bra under a yellow stripy shirt and rainbow elephant pants....... My twin brother has much better taste in clothes I cri
Can I- Can I just... Y'know, change a couple.. Just a couple things.
                              Okay I'm done
When you already wear this stuff.
                              Me: AWW YOU KNOW ME SO WELL
                              Author (maybe): who the flip are you?
                              Me: SATAN
AshLillies AshLillies Oct 09
This is a Christian server please keep your vile language out you heathen.