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Jess By PrimaDonna518 Updated Jul 12

{C O M P L E T E D}
ATTENTION: Will be deleted August 11th 2017

     My sister was taken for three years. Once she was finally back, she was in an accident and died. It sucked really, she was here with me and we could be together again. Though she hid secrets from me...from everyone. After being kidnapped, she wouldn't tell anyone what happened, who did it, where this person was, and any other question about the situation. 
     I thought she was in a better place...until the one who had taken her came back for her...for me. He wants me. I'm not my sister, but he wont listen to me. He wont let me go. 
     Love is different than obsession.
     Sometimes grief and sorrow can cloud someones judgement.
Completed 1/17/16
(Not edited) and I mean it when I say, NOT EDITED!! I wrote this when I didn't know how to write so a lot of it is crap, and of course, you can find a lot of mistakes :/ 

Okay, so let me tell you guys this quickly. This is a cliche kidnapping story. So my characters are stupid, so don't start calling the story as a whole 'stupid' because of what they do. If they were smart, the story would be over much quicker and that's no fun. So leave the comments about that to a minimum please -.- If you get bored or don't like it...don't read it! 

Spin off's: Catrina

I've  had to delete countless comments and mute tons of people, can you guys please be mature? 

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BGwolf BGwolf Jun 06
Careful guys don't get attached, she's becoming self aware. Last time this happened in...well...any tv show or movie that character is....removed.
madmaddie100 madmaddie100 Sep 25, 2016
Oh 😉😉but you know I feel like he knows but he's to insane or whatever to believe it so I feel like he is in denial but hey I may be wrong it been a year so he's assuming she's changed scars have healed and tattoos removed but idk lol love this story so far
my emotions are so conflicted.He so hot but his heart so cold.What to do?
NotABoOkWoRm17 NotABoOkWoRm17 Mar 01, 2016
What he's going to do is develop all types of cancers and die early. ..
LissaAndLucy LissaAndLucy Dec 29, 2016
Poor Phillip?! What the heck, he's the one drawing blood! Lol
- - Apr 18, 2016
I want to know what his reaction is like when he finnaly 'see' that she isnt Mila.