Neighbour  (Luke Hemmings a.u.)

Neighbour (Luke Hemmings a.u.)

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Meaghan By meaghancates Updated Aug 07

"How old are you?",  he asked taking a drag from his cigarette. 

"17," I replied, mesmerized at his very well structured face, just the beauty of this man amazed me. 

"Well shit," he chuckled, "25 years-old, when you look at it I could be you're father." 

We both laughed at the idea of him actually being my father, "It's three in the morning, you should probably go on inside," He suggested dryly. 

"If you say so Daddy." 

That's when I knew, everything would change.

My grandma refuses to have a Mobil phone. My dad bought her one for her birthday and she sent it back 😭😂
bluevelvets bluevelvets Jun 30
ok but this be tru, iggy azalea inspired her name from her doggo
It's like 4 am and all I saw was 'Hey honey, went to the club b back l8r walk dogs when you wake up'
                              And I'm like, damn. Grandma's gone to the club..
My grandma on my dads side has a blackberry no joke and my grandma on my moms side has an iPhone 6s...
My grandma doesn't even know what a phone is lol she's crazy though she has a mental disorder illness thing
Lukeeeey Lukeeeey 4 days ago
My grandma is a manager and a business woman she's 62 lol but looks alot younger