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Hoo short stories (Jiper, Percabeth, Caleo...)

Hoo short stories (Jiper, Percabeth, Caleo...)

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_pipermclean By _pipermclean Updated Feb 24, 2016

"Jason stop!" Piper screamed running as Jason tackled her to the ground. "Never! You must kiss me!" Jason spoke laughing like a maniac. "NEVER!" Piper whailed sarcasticly as Jason kissed her cheek, and then her lips. The two were laughing in the woods, for once happy. That didn't last long. After moments of staring into each other's eyes a cold voice disrupted their peace. Jason swung around to see Khione holding a dagger to his throat. "Miss me." She spoke harshly swaying her dagger back and forth. Jason slowly got off of Piper to stand face to face with Khione. "Come with me Jason Grace, and forget about that sad excuse you call a girlfriend." Khione spoke her voice strangely powerful.  "Yes. My queen." Jason replied in a monotone voice. He stood next to her, wrapping his arm against her waist. "Jason, stop! What's going on?" Piper spoke rising to her feet. "Oh, nothing. It's just your mother granted my wish!" Khione spoke meniacally. "What do you mean?!" Piper cried out. "I now pose...

xXDarkerFangirlXx xXDarkerFangirlXx Dec 12, 2016
Are Aphrodite kids so stupid that they don't understand that if Piper is screaming Jason's name in her nightmare, they should probably go get Jason!
EvaLeone4 EvaLeone4 Nov 30, 2016
pinkunicorn36 pinkunicorn36 Mar 12, 2016
Cute but shocking that nightmare was even terrifying for me and I was just reading it!
notchloe123567 notchloe123567 Feb 26, 2016
This is seriously great. I ❤️❤️❤️ it SOOO MUCH. F4f? Please?!
AnnaxWinchester AnnaxWinchester Jan 18, 2016
gracebean02 gracebean02 Dec 21, 2015
Is anyone else infected with The Feels? It's worse than The Flare.