Naruto/Akatsuki Reader x Character Love Story (itachi, deidara) Fanfiction

Naruto/Akatsuki Reader x Character Love Story (itachi, deidara) Fanfiction

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PrincessAlexxandria By PrincessAlexxandria Updated Dec 14, 2017

So I decided to make a naruto/Akatsuki reader x character love story so this one is basically the love interest is deidara and or itachi. (: I'm still working on it but leave me feedback plz (: 

Warning!!!!: Constains; Cursing, swearing!

Characters included/ involvement:

Deidara: your bestfriend/crush
Itachi: your secret admirer/second love interest
Kisame: your best guy friend you can talk to about anything to
Tobi: Just the regular funny, cute Tobi 

Other characters included but not much importance or dialogue 

I always leave little hints and clues to things so you'll have some fun reading (: 
There are some parts that I stopped being creative with so please excuse me for my lack of imagination. 

Basically but it's up to you to choose which one you fall for the most? (:  thanks for reading!(:

-xoxox aly :D

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FoxesForMe FoxesForMe Jan 05
The thing is I know its obito under that mask and its a little awkward😂
- - Aug 10, 2015
Toni would understand since his homie ounces a hold in his crushes heart. He doesn't want to speak with his homie either