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This profile kills me By PaperMars Updated Aug 31, 2016

He's like a machine. 

He hates to be touched.

He hates anything to be non-sanitized.

He can't stand human emotion.

He fakes a personality, just to seem okay.

He hates technology, but is nothing without it.

He's a professor to the class, but supposed to be a student. He teaches the same thing everyday, but was meant to be there only to learn.

And then he loses control, unable to be a machine any longer, he begins to realize worshiping technology is nothing but a curse.

He holds the life of an introvert, the life of a mad man, and he admits to it. 

All of it.


"You're useless. Nothing but a controlled soul in a shell of a body."

"Then just label me a machine, there is nothing more insane than that."

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  • bully
  • crazy
  • emotion
  • fear
  • god
  • harm
  • hate
  • kiss
  • love
  • machine
  • mental
  • monster
  • mystery
  • romance
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  • slave
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  • thriller
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DOMONIQUE2311 DOMONIQUE2311 Dec 03, 2017
How come this isnt completed i remember on my old account before i lost it😭 i fell in love with this i cri- i mean my eyes used to sweat during this. I loved everything about this. I finally found it😊
Miss_Masquerade Miss_Masquerade Mar 24, 2018
I'm  currently reading this on my cell phone because I'm bored...
vampiregothangel vampiregothangel Sep 11, 2015
Oh my god-
                              Wow ._.
                              That was super deep. I'm excited to read this.
RedBritany RedBritany Apr 14, 2015
i like him O.O *grabs popcorn and leans closer to my computer screen*
wuzzunderthebed wuzzunderthebed Nov 12, 2018
It is disgusting, but here I am, treating my phone like a god
wuzzunderthebed wuzzunderthebed Nov 12, 2018
Thank you for describing my life, most books avoid doing that❤