Yet Another Cinderella Story (ON HOLD- AGAIN)

Yet Another Cinderella Story (ON HOLD- AGAIN)

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Alex/River By rivermember145 Updated Jan 29

Ali was the stereotypical nerdy teenage girl. She had straight A's, never got in trouble, and likes the schools most popular boy, Blake. Almost everyone hated her or didn't care about her. Angry and confused Ali dresses up and goes to a stupid ball when she gets rejected, but  what happens when she happens to bump into this mysterious man at said masquerade ball? Ali finds out about a world she has only imagined in stories and that everyone was somehow apart of it. Her entire life is changing. All of this from one word from one man. Mine.

Of course he was here! Tears rolled down my heated cheeks uncontrollably. I need to get out of here. Trying to get to the exit, I pushed through the crowded dance floor. People continued to grind on each other totally ignoring me as I attempt to slip past. Suddenly, a woman in front of me took a large step backward, stumbling right into me. I fell backward landing harshly against a warm surface taking in a sharp breath as I fell. The walls warm arms wrapped around me security. I blinked rapidly to before looking at the man who caught me. His dark brown hair was styled in a messy bed head way and his green eyes stared down at me with confusion. I pulled away from the strange, handsome man brushing off invisible dust. 

 "Sorry" I mumbled looking down. My eyes still burning. Strange tingles running throughout my body where our bodies made contact. Not thinking about it, I started to walk towards the door again. 

"Mine!" The man growled out. He wrapped his arms around my waist yet again.  My eyes widened as tingles exploded throughout my body yet again. Trying to squirm out of the strangers grip, I began to panic. "Mine." He growled out again tightening his hold on my waist to a point where it hurt. Panic consumed my veins. My mind going all over the place.

This is it. I'm going to get kidnapped or murdered by a hot stranger in a club.


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