The Blooming Wallflower

The Blooming Wallflower

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CherryNeko-Senpai By CherryNeko-Senpai Updated Jan 30, 2016

(WARNING: This is my first Sasusaku fan fiction \( ._.)/ ) 

This story takes place in Konoha High (of course). Sasuke Uchiha. Age 17. His best friends are Naruto, Shikamaru, and Neji. Sasuke and his friends are all popular, handsome, and adored by all they're fellow classmates. Especially the ladies. But Sasuke doesn't care about his popularity and his annoying fangirls. All he cares about is music. Sasuke and his friends are in a band named "Rising Up." 
(Might change later on) 
But to be a complete band they needed a singer. 
Sakura Haruno. Age 17 and goes to the same high school as Sasuke. Sakura is what kind of like a wallflower. Sakura is very smart, too smart for her age and very beautiful. Gorgeous pink glowing hair and bright green emerald eyes. Sakura doesn't have any friends and always alone, but loneliness never cross Sakura's mind because music was always there for her. Sakura has an amazing voice, but unfortunately no one in her school knows. Sakura works in a fairly small cafe where she is a waitress but also a performer (she plays guitar and sings :) ).
One day as Sasuke's band were discussing of how to find a perfect singer to complete their band, they come across the cafe Sakura works at and to see a surprise awaiting for them inside. 

(Might change later. But this is how my first sasusaku fanfic about. And if I made any grammar mistakes I'm sorry.)


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TheGirlTheyAlsoLeft TheGirlTheyAlsoLeft Jan 28, 2017
Then a few chapters neji got hit by a truck which was label as Shinobi War.....thats how neji died both anime and in AU
AnaValente19 AnaValente19 Sep 01, 2015
literally said that in public I was like shikamaru that is soo catchy
Magnus_Alec_ Magnus_Alec_ Jul 26, 2015
For a second there I thought  you where talking about Neji and Tenten  when you said two girls.
Infinite-Daydreams Infinite-Daydreams Mar 22, 2015
A few spelling errors here and there, but overall it's really good