athena ➢ sherlock's daughter

athena ➢ sherlock's daughter

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ä•thē•nä- goddess of wisdom, justice, prudent arts, and warfare; guardian of Athens; identified by the Romans as Minerva

Life for Sherlock's daughter is difficult when she's just like her father.

{currently going through editing.}

Oh, please. It's great. You've read it so many times you're tired of it. ;-)
Lol my name is actually Athena Sherlock I swear to god😂😂😂
Its very very good; otherwise 102 thousand people wouldn't have read it
I'm trying to read the book. It says there are 37 chapters but as I read there is only one and it says there is one chapter. What??
byblessie_ byblessie_ Apr 18
Can anybody slap him or hit him with a frying pan to get him to his senses?
siriusbitch siriusbitch Aug 05
not to be dramatic, but this is the BEST opening line to a fic ever. after is shaking!! and that's not me exaggerating it's the truth!! i have to ask, is this inspired by percy jackson at all XD. i just love me some percy jackson and i noticed the name! xx