Finally <3 (a BBrae fanfic)

Finally <3 (a BBrae fanfic)

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pizzapearlperidot By pizzapearlperidot Updated Nov 30, 2015

The salty breeze flowed through Raven's hair, as she sat on the top of the tower. She eased a little when she opened up her novel, the sun's last rays beaming off against her. Finally. Relaxation. Raven flashed back to where she diminished her evil father, and the spell that once held her captive to him was now gone. A smile made way to her lips. 

Suddenly, Raven heard a squeak, and a door shut close. Startled, she jumped up a little, whipping her head around to see who was there. A familiar figure stood there.

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked. "Is that you?"

"Hi Raven!" Beast Boy hollered back, as he ran towards her. Beast Boy skidded to halt and sat beside Raven, who was rolling her eyes. Raven, trying to look annoyed, turned around and continued reading. But no, she was not annoyed, not much at least. Wait! There comes that energy again. Raven's eyes widened, suddenly realizing something. She gulped, not knowing what to make out of anything. 

"Raven, you okay?" Beast Boy asked. 


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beautifulpurpleflame beautifulpurpleflame Oct 07, 2016
Jealousyyyyy! At least u can dance! Seen the overbite in ttg? Yeah. That one. She dances better. She shouldnt be jelly🙃
nobody012345678 nobody012345678 Jul 26, 2016
He's just like: 
                              I finally kissed a girl, best day of my life
beautifulpurpleflame beautifulpurpleflame Oct 07, 2016
mdzstories mdzstories Nov 27, 2015
His dreams came true😘😍😍😍😉😗😜😝😛😍
HollowGhoul27 HollowGhoul27 Sep 18, 2015
horanhugs_are_lovely horanhugs_are_lovely Aug 01, 2015
Ooohhhh Beast Boy the ONLY way that she would beat you to a pulp and throw you off the roof is if you turn into ACTUAL BEAST boy.