Flares » Isaac Lahey [Book 3]

Flares » Isaac Lahey [Book 3]

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Regression to the mean; meaning that things would either get really good, or really bad. 

Knowing Beacon Hills' infamous reputation, the latter was the most likely. And when the scale tipped, that's exactly what happened. 

With new threats and new enemies, the pack need all the help they can get. But when a familiar face makes a surprise return, things don't quite go so smoothly. 

The question is, who can survive the madness? 

[Season 5]

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mmmatthea mmmatthea Oct 30, 2016
Wow that was........ ONE HALE OF A JOKE        
                              Ok I'm sorry for existing ok bye
mockingjaytributes mockingjaytributes Oct 23, 2015
When I saw you updated I was like screaming, I freaking love this series!!! And I'm very excited for Isaac to come back!!!
dwdeluxe dwdeluxe Oct 22, 2015
This reminds me, I took a quiz yesterday and it said that I Am MARTY ;)
Chloescorner Chloescorner Oct 03, 2015
Omg I'm so excited. I have been looking everywhere for a story where Isaac or Jackson comes back but there are none. Thank you for making my day!!!
Iiamsdunbar Iiamsdunbar Aug 29, 2015
October is going to be amazing. We get both this and Vacancy!
PoseySharman PoseySharman Aug 29, 2015