Flares » Isaac Lahey [Book 3]

Flares » Isaac Lahey [Book 3]

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Regression to the mean; meaning that things would either get really good, or really bad. 

Knowing Beacon Hills' infamous reputation, the latter was the most likely. And when the scale tipped, that's exactly what happened. 

With new threats and new enemies, the pack need all the help they can get. But when a familiar face makes a surprise return, things don't quite go so smoothly. 

The question is, who can survive the madness? 

[Season 5]

Book 3

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Sebastain_Lightwood Sebastain_Lightwood Oct 26, 2017
OMG the title of the book reminds me of TST. Then TDC
                              MY HEART. MY NEWTIEEEEER
amybuckle amybuckle Apr 06
I love stiles and like malia but I don’t ship them Lydia and stiles are by far my biggest ship and fave characters
mmmatthea mmmatthea Oct 30, 2016
Wow that was........ ONE HALE OF A JOKE        
                              Ok I'm sorry for existing ok bye
KaseyLeeOB KaseyLeeOB Jan 26, 2017
That was almost as bad as 'LaHEY Isaac' in Book 1😂😍kidding it's adorabL(IAM)e.
                              I'm not good at this
weeasleys weeasleys Jan 25, 2017
I still need to see season 5 (sue me) so I tried staying away from this book but I just couldn't so im taking the spoilers with open arms because its worth it