My Fair Maiden (Book 1)

My Fair Maiden (Book 1)

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Dear me, Mr Holmes, dear me By Fear-me-Mr-Holmes Completed

THIS BOOK WILL BE UNDER HEAVY EDITING AFTER THIS SERIES IS COMPLETE ( it's like a 14 year old  fangirl wrote this. God!!!  XD )

A sarcastic, sassy, New York detective got transferred to London.
A charming, but rude, consulting detective was there first. 
They meet when Destiny Maiden, our fellow New Yorker, has been transferred to Scotland Yard as an actual homicide detective. They both can work together, but like all humans; they can get vicious. 
When Destiny has gone missing, Sherlock realizes he feels empty without the annoying New Yorker that has a sharp tongue. 

Cover created by the lovely, and magnificent; @ScarCumberbatch

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all_those_fandoms_ all_those_fandoms_ May 18, 2016
I'm dying😂😂 I haven't even started yet and I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this
Wandering_Bard Wandering_Bard Mar 27, 2016
I shall kiss all of the boo-boos. And examine the blood samples.
GabrielleMartin661 GabrielleMartin661 Apr 03, 2016
Very interesting first chapter. Just jumped right into the action. I like it
SammiXD SammiXD Feb 18, 2016
That's got to be one of the evilest things ever...I like you