Undecided (#Wattys2016)

Undecided (#Wattys2016)

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He needs me. He needs me? Why does he need me? 


"Yes Thee-a." 

"Will, why do you need me?

"Because I like you." 

My hot neighbor likes me. 

"You do?" I ask.

"Well I thought you were cute when I saw in that messy bun and long sweater. Then you came in to my house drunk and kissed me." 

"Will," I let out a deep sigh.

"You don't like me back?" 

"No. It is just," I couldn't understand what I was trying to say. I mean he is hot and is rich why can't I go for it. 

"Thea, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. I probably freaked you out." 

"No. No. I...I-" 

Will stands up and walks in front of me, he kisses the corner of my lips. I stare in to his blue eyes. His guy likes me. Why am I being a pussy? Fucking go for it. 

I bring his face closer to mine and kiss him. As his tongue meets mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands touch my shirt and takes it off. He stands up wraps my legs around his waist. When we reach his bed I let go of him.

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RainaBoaten RainaBoaten Mar 08, 2016
excuse me did she say $500 or she mentioned $5000 because I know you won't get a diamond rind that cheap
Relaxx1 Relaxx1 Feb 22, 2016
I totally understand what she's going through. Recently failed one of my classes and it sucks.