A Pup and His Doms?(MalexMalexBoy)

A Pup and His Doms?(MalexMalexBoy)

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bethewolf By bethewolf Updated Jun 18, 2015

Zack is a submissive boy. He's known it for a while. The only things he's missing is a Dom. Someone who he can follow and look up to. Someone who can gives orders and he will obediently do them. An innocent trip to the club will change his life forever. 

Peter is a very tall, fit and well known dom, who owns a BDSM club/bar, while also living with his boyfriend Derek, who works as a bar tender at the club. Derek is a couple inches shorter and has a muscular build. To others he's dominant, but lives to serve peter as a pup a bf. 

Lately Peter and Derek have been searching for a pup of their own. Their wishes seem to be granted one night when Peter saves Zack. What happens after? Will Zack accept Peter, and what about derek? Read to find out

  • bdsm
  • boyxboy
  • dom
  • gay
  • puppyplay
  • sub
I feel like I've read this one before....I'm still going to read it.