It takes time to win her heart (Lucy's Harem)

It takes time to win her heart (Lucy's Harem)

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It's a secret!! Mwahaha!! By Cherry_Haruno_ Updated May 25

Lucy came back in Japan from America. She attends Fairy Tail Academy, the school where her twin brother Laxus and her friends, Levy, Erza, Lisanna and Mira attends. As she arrived on that school, six of the school's heartthrob princes seemed to take an interest on her. Making their whole lives haywire and confusing.

NaLu, GraLu, JeLu, LoLu, StiCy, RoLu 

 Minor Pairings:
MiraXus, GaLe, Bixianna

neltarine neltarine Apr 01
Cover quality though...😂😂😂 Could I make you a cover??
Heather-San Heather-San May 16
He likes being in the group because Mira's in it *wiggles eyebrows*
Talking To Yourself! Hahahaha XD Only a jke okay? No hard feels
Lunawolf202 Lunawolf202 Jun 18
Harem!!!!! And add Jellal in there too. Along with Sting and Rogue!
Having an older twin brother isn't possible unless its by and few minutes right?
Harem with Natsu Sting Rogue Jellal Loke And Gray pwease pwetty pwease 
                              Jk BUT LET THAT HAREM HAPPEN!!!!!!