Hetalia X Reader One-Shot Lemons

Hetalia X Reader One-Shot Lemons

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Mama Of Cake By NikkiCake Updated Aug 31, 2016

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A book filled with lemony goodness, with all your favorite Hetalia characters!

Feedback is very helpful, so I'd be nice for you to leave me some 

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Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

madijustwantstoread madijustwantstoread Sep 25, 2016
I haven't read anything yet. But I have a question about the photo for this chapter. How in the bloody existence of the godamn universe is he holding that lollipop like that?
MysteryXSamurai8 MysteryXSamurai8 Dec 16, 2016
Hi Canadia! Are you new here?  My name's Jess! Nice to meet you. Hey, did you know that you have a twin named Canada? Yeah, you guys are pretty much the same person (LITERALLY!!).
- - Jul 26, 2016
Everyone in this comment section is all like: EW NUU 
                              And I'm over here like: DAWWW! CUTE ITALY
Weeping_Night Weeping_Night Jul 28, 2016
This coming from the guy who didn't know what a cold was and put a burger on England's to get rid of it?! Wow, I'm sorry... I just don't really see that happening
NorthItalyLover NorthItalyLover Dec 22, 2016
ROMANO AND SPAIN ARE EATING TOMATOES!!!! I know that they aren't doing that.
                              I'm stupid but not that stupid!
Lolhigirl Lolhigirl Oct 10, 2016
The people above or below us in the hotel must be like "Wow she's patriotic "