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Elizabeth By myushen Completed

A year after an alien race's first devastating appearance in Beijing, young people all over the world are being abducted for a grotesque rite. Alice, taken by the Xuefein from her Toronto office, has tested for the Cage. They have opened her third eye. And now there's a slim chance Alice may have a way out of their death trap. 

If she wins, she'll create a new meme for what comes next.

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  • action
  • aliens
  • battle
  • cagefight
  • combat
  • death
  • deathmatch
  • dystopia
  • fight
  • future
  • match
  • paranormal
  • psionics
  • teenager
  • teens
  • violence
AimeeElizabeth19 AimeeElizabeth19 Dec 29, 2015
Wonderful, captivating writing, I want to read more about Alice and her world! Well done :)
MNJGreenhill MNJGreenhill Oct 19, 2015
Wow, great imagery! I like how you have started the story with action.  It really draws you in.  Lots of questions... hoping they will be answered in the next chapter.
tamoja tamoja Aug 27, 2015
Great action packed story that really has me thinking. Why are there 48 cages?  Are they all against a different creature?  Why are the creatures on earth?  Who is Alice with the tattoo and third eye?  Great stuff. I'd love more!  Excellently written.
ziggylong ziggylong Apr 30, 2015
And this is why you don't try to confine and murder Akira-level telekinetics for sport. Great story! I like that the exposition was not front-loaded.
browneyedgirl65 browneyedgirl65 Apr 29, 2015
An amazing read. You compacted a lot into this short story (and this is why I think short stories are harder than anything else!). Thanks for letting us read this.
Tartra Tartra Nov 23, 2014
Wow. This was really well narrated! I liked how you wove the imagery together. I don't think I connected with Alice herself, but I definitely enjoyed imagining what she could do.