By Chance

By Chance

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Author's Tagalog Debut Story
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[12/17/14 - 02/23/15]

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ampc16 ampc16 Jan 09
Here i am again hahahaha!  Ganda kasi, wala pa kasing ud yung sa ibang mundo huhuhuh!  T__T" @aycebreaker
aycebreaker aycebreaker Feb 08, 2015
@leerian20 Hi there.. thank you for your compliment... Sorry if I still can't update bryleen's story in love or not II ... im still finishing by chance... so maybe after the story is finish, I would probably update it.. as soon as possible.. :)
aycebreaker aycebreaker Dec 21, 2014
@areinnthea_89 thanks for appreciating 
                              Sorry if I didn't write it in English though. I'm so much comfortable in expressing the story through my languange. English is not my 1st languange so it's kinda' hard for me. But thanks :')
arintia_89 arintia_89 Dec 21, 2014
although i didn't much understand with the language,,  I believe that it will be a great story as always.. just like your previous story,,
                              keep writing author... :-)