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Escaping the Friend Zone (XiuChen)

Escaping the Friend Zone (XiuChen)

55.6K Reads 1.9K Votes 8 Part Story
Meggs By Meggs13 Completed

Xiumin Is completely in love with Chen, but Chen is completely oblivious to it, with Lay and Baekhyun's help can Xiumin possibly escape the Friendzone?

Bookworm23_ Bookworm23_ Jan 20
I read S Club and got really excited and started singing S Club 7 songs
don't tell me this is about luhan omg I'm gonna cry, I miss xiuhan
This is 100% my favourite XiuChen fanfic I've ever read, and trust me, I've read hundreds 😂 This is my 27th time reading this :) 💖 I love your stories Author-nim ☺
nowunknow nowunknow Feb 17
SFJIYSAEFXDYYESHVHIJBFG = this is me trying to leave a normal comment
wait chen said you don't just have a convo while straddling someone... yet here he is... straddling xiumin xD