Wild Child (Phan AU)

Wild Child (Phan AU)

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Frosh By Phresh07 Completed

(Based off the movie Wild Child)
(I was so unbelievably bored and this is the result)

Dan Howell blew it. Throwing a party would usually go down with a simple grounding or scream-fest, though this time he fucked up big time.



This is a product of extreme boredom, just FYI.

I do NOT own Wild Child - script found at this website http://www.veryabc.cn/movie/uploads/script/WildChild.txt

Copyright 2015
(No further updates ever)

francesiw francesiw Feb 07
nowhere on the face of this planet, speaks the langue American, BECAUSE IT DOESNT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!
shipstosail24 shipstosail24 Dec 24, 2016
If that was true I would be a human zit and heavier than a plane I basically dont ever go outside and when I do as I live in Ireland its either raining or overcast half the time trust me you'll be fine
I saw wild child as the title and I don't think I clicked on anything faster in my like (best film in the world)
francesiw francesiw Feb 07
sure... the last leader of ukip got pelted with eggs today... BUT HE DESERVED IT! and we have an unelected prime minister... but you have trump soooo ya.
francesiw francesiw Feb 07
trust me, i live in the countryside in england and its really boring!
Kaela3355 Kaela3355 Jan 23
No I've watched the film and her friend in Malibu is horrible how could you do this to Tyler😭😭😭