Wild Child (Phan AU)

Wild Child (Phan AU)

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Frosh By Phresh07 Completed

(Based off the movie Wild Child)
(I was so unbelievably bored and this is the result)

Dan Howell blew it. Throwing a party would usually go down with a simple grounding or scream-fest, though this time he fucked up big time.



This is a product of extreme boredom, just FYI.

I do NOT own Wild Child - script found at this website http://www.veryabc.cn/movie/uploads/script/WildChild.txt

Copyright 2015
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abster0412 abster0412 Oct 06
Fun story.... it hardly ever thunders in the UK... maybe 1-5 times a year. 8 max
abster0412 abster0412 Oct 05
This year it hasn't even been 100 yet... it's been weirdly quiet with rain... more clouds and hot weather though? Is this real life? Am I in England?😂 like it was  20•c today... it's October....
galagaa galagaa Oct 23
You hoe it's not that difficult.
                              I'm such a lovely human being.
bloody hell, i'm imagining harriet, and her sweaty. upper. lip.
arghhh im felix the pirate and this is me parrot and this is me swamp it's all ogre now get shrekt m9
Also I thought for some reason it was a sandwich from like subway or something XD