What is this feeling?

What is this feeling?

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Lucy, Natsu and Happy set off on a mission to defeat a golem. However as they completed this sacrificing only the magic power something terrifying happens. On their way back a creature had pounced out making an attack on Happy but Lucy ends up getting hurt.

She gets badly injured, and Natsu get worried. What does Mira say for Natsu to do to take care of Lucy that only reveal feelings? 

These feelings aren't created in the process...they are discovered.

The names are similar from the other stories you've made Author~Chan
Happy crying makes everyone cry😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
When I read the giant golem I remember the iron golem in Minecraft
You gotta admit. Happy crying is the worst thing you can see
This reminds me of that scene when Carly fell off the stool, from the show iCarly
Natsu are you jelly?
                              Natsu: *Blushing slightly* 'Bout what?
                              Lucy looking at Gray...
                              Natsu: HE'S DEAD!!!!! CO-Uh! I mean no I'm not!
                              Uh-huh... Sure....