Desolation Row {boyXboy}

Desolation Row {boyXboy}

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Aaron Shelly By AriShelly Completed

Victor Halcomb has the perfect life. Perfect parents, perfect friends, perfect 4.0 GPA, even a perfect, athletic boyfriend.

Of course, no one ever stops to think about how quickly that can all be taken. Over the course of three days, Victor suddenly find himself without parents, without a boyfriend, hours away from his old school, and dropped right into a new one. And this new school doesn't take too well to new kids. 

For the first time in his life, Victor experiences what it's like to be an outcast, to be isolated and bullied by people he doesn't even know. He is forced to survive his last two years of high school in a place that hates his very existence. Victor has to decide if he can manage this, and get his life together, or allow himself to sink down permanently. 

(WARNING: Alcohol/drug abuse, mentions of attempted suicide, self-mutilation)

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Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jan 19
The schools I went to mostly had white people. In primary school there was only one black kid (who was in my class) and in secondary school there were only 4 black/darker skinned kids (three of which were in my year)
Kaze_mizu1 Kaze_mizu1 Feb 15
Is it like an American thing to note how many people of other ethnicities are in your class or school?
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Nov 29, 2017
Excuse me while I go hunt and murder to cünt äss bïtches *grabs chainsaw*
Lol my I'm black and most of my school is black but like 30-50 white kids
Dany1908 Dany1908 Jan 04, 2015
aww poor baby not only his bf ditch him and i suppose he was not so oblivios when came to jake but his school is terrible ...