Player and the Geek

Player and the Geek

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Krissy Snifeld By Just-Krissy Updated Jun 09, 2015

Charlotte Locke-mega geek-has always been in love with her best friend's brother, Christian Steele. What is not to love about the man she deems, "Utterly perfect"? Aside from the fact that he is Bridgewalk's most confirmed player. She wants him with every ounce of her being, but she knows what he is, and she knows this is one mistake she can't afford to make. 

But what happens when said Player starts to fall for said Geek? 

Christian Steele-mega player-never noticed Charlotte until that one night in his parents kitchen. It was the night that changed his life forever. The cute, brunette staring up at him through mammoth sized glasses, with her large brown eyes, pouty lips and blush tinted cheeks, it is the image that haunts Christian's every dream. He wants her more than he cares to admit. 

But what happens what she won't have him? 

What lengths will he go to get the girl? 

And what lengths will she go to stop him?

Can love truly conquer all obstacles?

Rosie_Cheekz Rosie_Cheekz 5 days ago
Please go check out my first short story, I'm new at this 🙏🏼
weareyoungwriters weareyoungwriters Jul 03, 2016
She better get her milky asś back down here to clean up her mess that'll be the last time I let her in my house
dunbar_beauty dunbar_beauty Dec 11, 2016
I thought it was since preschool and you got one more year of high school left... hmmm🤔🤔🤔
tamaki_sou tamaki_sou Feb 04
either it's a dream or I miss some chapter since I jumps real quick here😑
Oh yea u just gonna forget all the painful sex Ed classes!!!
ratherbeaunicorn ratherbeaunicorn Dec 28, 2016
So she is best friends with his sister but have they just like not talked at all? In like however long they have known each other??